Be at your best when it matters

Learning and data-driven insights designed to enable simple changes to the way you work, improving your wellbeing and performance.

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Be at your best

We help individuals and teams be at their best when it matters most.


Enhance your clarity and focus on what matters


Get more time and energy for what matters


Increase your motivation to achieve what matters


Improve work effectiveness and quality

Be at your best when it matters

Performance comes from spending time, energy and attention on what matters most. We are all different and complex beings. Many factors influence our use of time, energy, and attention. 

Three key issues inhibit the ability to perform: 

Resolving these issues improves organisational performance and wellbeing. The problem is understanding how?

Key Capabilities

At FOCUSWRX, we develop two distinct and mutually reinforcing capabilities to help people thrive and perform.
One for individuals and one for teams.

“I can manage my energy and attention – and focus it on what matters most”


“We can optimise people’s ability to focus effort on what’s most important”



Case Study

How a busy R&D leadership team improved their ability to perform.

“The project has made a positive difference for a lot of people.”

Hanne Everland, Vice President R&D Technology Coloplast

How to manage and focus energy

The foundation for high-performance and wellbeing is the ability to optimise and focus your energy and attention on what matters most.

Wellbeing and high performance are two sides of the same coin. The most critical skills and work activities in our modern and future world of work, are cognitively demanding. This type of work requires an immense amount of brainpower, and it drains our battery fast.

Educate broadly and gain insights

The ability to manage energy and attention and focus on what matters most is a core capability for everyone. We all have multiple roles as employees, leaders, parents, and spouses that, in different ways, require our focus and presence.

Our Interactive Online Courses builds broad awareness and practical behaviours on:

The courses collect data from the participants’ interactions, to help the organisation understand employees’ opinions on work-related causes of stress and the effectiveness and impact of the practices they are implementing for self-care.

The data shared is anonymous to protect the privacy of the individuals.

Empower people with insights

We are all different and complex beings. Many factors influence our use of time, energy, and attention. 

The FOCUSWRX Application empowers individuals with insights that help them be at their best for moments that matter most. We use data to empower NOT monitor.

FOCUSWRX analyse data from the user’s Garmin wearable, and Microsoft 365 Outlook calendar, to empower the user to:

The timeline provides an intuitive overview of how time and energy is spent. The awareness sparks reflection and unlocks new insights:

Personalised specialist advice

At the deepest level, our data-driven mentoring and coaching sessions help individuals navigate the complexity of their unique situation.

Our specialists work with individuals’ to understand their unique situation. Based on their personal data the specialist and the individual determines the most effective way to improve their wellbeing and performance.


Your first and foremost job as a leader is to take charge of your own energy and then help to orchestrate the energy of those around you. 
Peter F. Drucker

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