Announcing our new board of directors and advisors

FOCUSWRX Board and Advisors

For the past three years, we have been on a journey with the overall mission of helping leaders and their teams improve sustainable high performance and wellbeing.

The challenge for leaders and teams is that the daily hustle and bustle removes focus from what matters most.

We enable teams to accelerate progress on their critical business objectives, by improving their ability to give the objectives the time, energy and focus they require.

To help us take FOCUSWRX to the next level of maturity, we have formed a new board of directors and advisors. We are integrating a wealth of experience, and applying complementary competencies, supporting FOCUSWRX in creating meaningful impact on a larger scale.

We are delighted and excited to present our new board here in reverse alphabetical order:

  • Shubhada Watson, Board member and Advisor. Shubhada is an executive coach at IMD Business School and an advisor at SWatson Advisory.
  • Morten Olsen, Advisor. Morten is the COO for Progressive A/S and Greener Pastures.
  • Henrik Schlægel, Board member and Advisor. Henrik is the EVP of Professional Services at SimCorp.
  • Finn Peder Hove, Board member and Advisor. Finn Peder is an entrepreneur and Angel Investor at Ramsgaard Invest.
  • Erik Dibbern, Board member and Advisor. Erik is the CTO at Omada A/S.
  • Claus Weye, Advisor. Claus is the founder of The Consulting Firm A/S.

We very much look forward to the rest of this journey!

FOCUSWRX helps leaders and their teams improve sustainable high performance and wellbeing. We are data-driven. We use stress and energy measurements from wearables combined with calendar data, to gain insight into how time and energy are invested. We help you change your behaviour. Based on this data, we establish a system of habits that provides the alignment of more time, energy and better concentration for the execution of critical business objectives.

The result is that performance is increased to a new level and made sustainable.

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