Manpremo is now FOCUSWRX

Jason Morten FOCUSWRX

We are incredibly happy to present our new brand to you, FOCUSWRX.  

For the past three years we have been on a journey with the overall mission of helping people and organisations invest their time and energy on what matters most making it possible to achieve goals and top priorities in a sustainable way. Even in a (work) life full of distractions.   

With FOCUSWRX we gather the work from Manpremo and the MAHOUT application under one brand that that resembles who we are and what we are doing. 

Besides being our new brand, FOCUSWRX is also a new system for working with energy, priorities, time and attention in a way that promotes sustainable performance and well-being.  

FOCUSWRX still uses data from wearables to form habits and practice key behaviors to make them automatic. But FOCUSWRX also presents brand new features allowing to measure and analyse your energy spent. And more functions are in the making.

Have a look at the new website and contact us to learn more or get a demo.

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