New graphs provide insights into how you manage your energy level

FOCUSWRX Energy Management Graphs

Energy is critical for your ability to perform

You need sufficient energy to be able to perform the top 10 skills, required to thrive in the modern world of work. Amongst the top 10 skills are Complex Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Creativity, and Emotional Intelligence. 

The ability to develop and perform these skills is determined by your brain’s functions, especially the cognitive functions. These include thinking, reasoning, self-control, forward-thinking and language.

Two new energy management graphs released

This week we released two new graphs in the FOCUSWRX application that makes it easier to analyse how you manage your energy level. The graphs are available from the FOCUSWRX Insights page.

Energy level over time

The Energy level graph enables you to analyse your energy level over time.

The three lines in the graph show your energy level at three significant times of day:

  • When you wake up in the morning (Morning line)
  • At 17:00 – towards the end of typical work hours
  • When you go to bed

Using the Date filter, you can decide which period you want to analyse.

FOCUSWRX Energy level graph

Several different insights can be gained from the Energy level graph. Here are a few examples:

  • See how your energy levels are affected during intense periods
  • Easily identify your most demanding days
  • See if your energy pattern is sustainable
  • Identify your typical weekly energy pattern for the week
  • Checkout if your weekdays are more draining than your weekdays 😊 

Energy management

The Energy management graph helps you see the impact of your behaviours and habits on your stress level.

The orange bars show your average stress level over the full 24-hours of the day. The stress level is shown on a scale from 1-100 on the Y-axis to the right.

Layered on top of the average stress level are the amount of sleep, recovery (physiological rest), and movement you had on that day.

Energy Management Graph

Use the graph on its own or in combination with the Energy level graph to gain insights such as:

  • Identifying your most stressful days
  • How insufficient sleep impacts your ability to perform the next day
  • The effect of daytime recovery on your stress level
  • The impact of intense days on your sleep

Insights from reflecting on an intense week

At FOCUSWRX, the week of the 14th of September was intense. We had to make a very critical decision for the company and negotiate an important contract at the same time.

We all have weeks like that. To be able to sustainably perform during such weeks, we need to have enough energy to be able to focus and think clearly, and to invest it in what matters most.

Using the two graphs, I reflected on how I managed during that week.

Analysing an intense week using the new FOCUSWRX graphs

Tuesday I woke up with high energy, but as the gap between the Morning and Day energy level shows 1️⃣, it was the most intense day of the week. Several unforeseen issues occurred, which created uncertainty and pressure to tackle the issues.

The Energy management graph shows that it was the most stressful day of the week 1️⃣.

The intensity of the day meant that I got less sleep than I need as the Energy management graph shows 2️⃣. So Wednesday, I woke up with medium energy. We had made the important decision the day before but were still dealing with other issues. Even though I spent way less energy during the day, having to perform with less energy meant that the overall day was almost as stressful as Tuesday 2️⃣.

Thursday I woke up with medium energy. I had not slept as long as I should. However, we had dealt with the issues the day before and had agreed on a contract that enables us to deliver the outcomes providing the most value to the customer.

As a result, it turned out to be a very calm day, which gave me a significant amount of recovery reducing my stress level as the Energy management graph shows 3️⃣.

Valuable insights

A full nights sleep from Monday to Tuesday, which for me is 7+ hours, gave me the energy I needed to be able to stay on top of achieving our most critical objectives.

If the issues we had to manage had occurred Monday instead of Tuesday, I would not have been able to perform as well.

Prioritising work that gave me energy Thursday enabled me to recharge and improve my ability to perform.

What to learn more about the FOCUSWRX application?

Contact us if you would like to learn more about the benefits of using the FOCUSWRX application.

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