The FOCUSWRX Platform

Give your teams the learning and insights they need to sustain a healthy and effective work style under changing circumstances. 

Learn how to work smarter and healthier

Get access to interactive eLearning courses helping people understand how to manage time, energy, and attention for what matters most.


Plan your workdays for better wellbeing and performance

The My Week page on the FOCUSWRX Dashboard supports your weekly planning and review session by providing insights that help you improve your ability to perform.

You can compare your current week to other weeks by using the week selector to the right.

Manage time and energy for your Moments that matters

Preparing for a critical meeting, meeting with an important client, working on a new strategy or plan, being present with your loved ones. We all have times when we need to be at our best.

The FOCUSWRX Companion helps you manage time and energy for your Moments that matter.

FOCUSWRX Companion Home

Discover your energy gainers and drainers

You can connect FOCUSWRX to your Microsoft Outlook calendar.

Using Your Timeline, you see at a glance how your activities and calendar appointments affect your stress and energy levels.

Events that recharge or drain your energy level are detected and shown on the timeline.

Reflect to increase your self-awareness

Develop enhanced awareness of the activities that give you energy and those that unexpectedly use your energy.

The FOCUSWRX Companion helps you reflect on your Gaining and Draining Events and your Calendar appointments.

Indicate how you felt, add a tag from your list of tags, or a note to remember what you did.

Analyse and improve continuously

Given the rate of change in today’s business environment, you must nurture the ability to perform continuously to enable sustainable high-performance.

The organisational culture and environment influence peoples ability to perform to a large extent. High-performing teams need to understand how cultural and environmental factors such as meeting structures, collaboration norms, and workspaces enables or inhibits the ability to perform.

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