Our Service

Our service enables you to activate and sustain a way of working that helps people be at their best.

Helping your people thrive in a hybrid work environment while executing the most critical business priorities creates higher retention, increased productivity, and better work culture.

How does our service enable the outcomes?

Workable priorities

Establish a simple weekly routine that helps determine your top 1 to 3 priorities and make them actionable.

This fosters a meaningful sense of purpose, reduces uncertainty and focuses effort. When done as a team, it enhances the sense of belonging and common purpose.

Dedicate time and energy to the most critical priorities in a way that improves the ability to perform and thrive. Empower people with data-driven insights that make it easy to create an effective weekly plan and continuously improve how work is done.

This accelerates progress on the most critical priorities and provides a way to manage an increasing workload.

Resilience and wellbeing

Embed simple, science-based practices during the workday to recharge, destress and boost mental and physical energy.

Help people learn how to set work boundaries and how to gain quality sleep, recovery and exercise.

Understand how to improve your concentration, creativity and ability to be present.

Embed the learned practices into a weekly rhythm. Continued practice, forms a set of habits that drive the continuous improvement of how you work.

The structure of the weekly rhythm reduces uncertainty and complexity while enhancing agility and responsiveness.

Who is the service for?


People working together in teams


People from different teams


Everyone in the organisation

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