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Our services provide a system that helps people prioritise their time, energy, and attention – smarter. 

The fastest route to better performance and wellbeing is to focus on teams. However, you can combine the components below in a way that suits your needs – or purchase them separately.

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Personalised Insights


Facilitated Workshops


Interactive Webinars

Become aware of practical tools and takeaways that can be integrated into the way you work. 

Interactive eLearning

Learn how to work smarter and healthier by prioritising your time, energy, and attention using science-based energy and attention management practices.

Facilitated Workshops

Facilitated learning and group discussions to help groups of individuals adopt smarter and healthier work practices.

Get better together by understanding how the culture and way of working promote or inhibit the team’s wellbeing and ability to perform.

Dashboard & Companion

Receive aggregated and anonymous data to help the team discover and address impediments to wellbeing and performance.

Get personalised data-driven insights to help you use your time and energy on what matters most. Analyse data from your Microsoft Outlook calendar and Garmin Wearable to give you insight into how you can work smarter and healthier.


Private data-driven mentoring and coaching sessions to help individuals navigate the complexity of their unique situation.

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