Our Services

Individual wellbeing & performance

Improve the ability to manage and focus energy and attention.

Team performance

Discover and address performance and wellbeing impediments.

Facilitated Workshops

Improve individual wellbeing and performance

Educate and build organisational awareness

Services used for educating and building awareness for the whole organisation or larger groups.

Webinar and eLearning

Hours of interactive structured learning providing science-based energy and attention management practices. Click here to see the course descriptions.

You can purchase course licenses for groups directly via this link.

Contact us to learn more about our flexible Enterprise License.

Learn how to:

  • Improve your mental, emotional & physical wellbeing
  • Get more time for the work that matters most
  • Improve your ability to concentrate & be present

60 to 120-minutes of facilitated learning for the whole organisation.

All webinars provide practical tools and take-aways that can be integrated into the way you work. 

Interactive polls provide anonymised insights around the issues the organisation is facing.

We recommend combining webinars with Interactive Online Courses to maximise engagement.

Attendee feedback:

  • Fantastic seminar. Great use of the interactive tool “menti.com“
  • ‘Really useful webinar – I will promote it in my team 🙂
  • ‘Really great webinar – absolutely great ideas and tools! Definitely going to put some of these into action!

Empower people with personalised insights and facilitated learning

Services providing each individual with data-driven insights and recommendations specific to their unique situation.

Improve your ability to achieve your critical priorities, by getting more energy and time for what matters most and higher effectiveness and quality in your work.

FOCUSWRX analyses wellbeing data from a Garmin wearable and calendar events from your Microsoft Outlook calendar, and provide personalised insights and recommendations for how to optimise your wellbeing and way of working. 

Personal data is kept private to the individual.


FOCUSWRX App home page


Programmes combine workshops, coaching and the FOCUSWRX Application into a facilitated learning path for groups of individuals.

Programme objectives are to improve:

  • Focus – Enhanced clarity and focus on what matters
  • Ability – More time and energy for what matters
  • Motivation – Increased motivation to achieve what matters
  • Effectiveness – Higher work effectiveness and quality

The objectives are achieved enabling individuals to develop and embed new behaviours into the way of working.

Personalised Insights

Personalised specialist advice

Private data-driven mentoring and coaching sessions to help individuals navigate the complexity of their unique situation.

Our specialists work with individuals’ to understand their unique situation. Based on their personal data the specialist and the individual determines the most effective way to improve their wellbeing and performance.

Facilitated Workshops

Improve team performance

Empower the team with insights

The FOCUSWRX Application can provide aggregated and anonymous data on the teams overall wellbeing and ability to perform.

Personalised Insights

Identify wellbeing and performance impediments

Webinar and eLearning

Understand how your culture and way of working is promoting or inhibiting the team’s wellbeing and ability to perform.

Team programmes use data from the FOCUSWRX Application to help the team discover and address impediments to wellbeing and performance.

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